Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Web

Our design intentions have been established in relation to the theme of "Now". we came to an agreement that the tower should portray the idea of a "WEB" which we believe it best describes the theme.  Also known as the web, internet plays a significant roll today and its the driving force of contemporary communication.  like a spiderweb, the internet is connected from point to point and inter-connected to a centural source. Also a symbol of unity, internet represents the identity of the 21st century.The design will fully realise the web and its contibutions by representing its characteristics:
-Its ability to be flatpacked and transported with ease represents how easily infomation is shifted
-Being able to be built by a third party represents the user-friendliness
-Timber represents versitility and innovative qualities
-The height represents the insignificance of physical separation.
additional features the tower will adopt will be:
-Incorporation of light to represent 'life' as the participant of the present
-Interactivity to include the people and the consumers
-The ability to change representing the rapid developments in the world
The tower will inherit these characteristics from the one simple idea of the WEB

Monday, August 2, 2010

Now has begun

The brief is to design a 10m high skyrise which must be made out of timber and have the ability to be flat packed.
As our brief lacks in a themeatic situation, we had the freedom to come up with a theme with which we are comfortable to work with.
The theme NOW is developed form the idea of 21st century, our current identity in this era.
We live in a time where technology and freedom is dominating. Technology's evolution rate is peaking, any infomation is at arms length, language is no longer a barrier, and cities are getting denser and more populated. Although the 21st century consists of many identities, the key component which makes up this era is 'communication', whether it is through the internet, mobile phones, or  travel. The design will portray what we believe is the icon of this era.